Torched Synagogue in Siegen, Germany during Kristallnacht — National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives

Reflections on the Long Damn Summer of ’42 — On the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

By Robert Leonard Berkowitz

United flight 175-South Tower (9:03 am)
Newark Evening News — September 12, 1942
Author’s mother, Mildred (circa 2013)
Author’s Collectible
Sanctuary of B’nai Abraham, Iset of Rabbi Prinz -Courtesy of Temble B’nai Abraham and
Allie Stolz
Bishop Andrey Sheptytsky — Wikipedia
UJA “Victory in ’42 Campaign” Ad — Jewish Chronicle, May 1, 1942
Author’s mother Mildred — 1939
Letter written by author’s 17 year-old mother to relatives in Austria- June 15, 1938
Author’s father, Bernard (circa 1944)
Dr. “Tunia” Kunke
Tante Rosa
Cousin Ruth Ritterbrand
Cousin Ignacy Rotlein
Member of Einsatzgruppen “Mobile Death Squad” prepares to shoot adult Jewish male at edge of a mass grave filled with the bodies of previous victims.
Photo credit: Library of Congress, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives
Letter written from Nazi-occupied Poland in February 1940, by author’s cousin, Ignacy Rotlein
Left- Prinz speaking at 1963 March for Jobs and Freedom. Right- Prinz and King meeting with JFK —
Bebelplatz Memorial —
Shattered storefront of a Jewish-owned shop destroyed during Kristallnacht. Berlin, Germany — Jewish Virtual Library

Robert was raised in Newark and nearby West Orange, New Jersey. He now lives in Guilford, Connecticut.